The Tommyknockers [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King

Product Code: 978-1-786363-07-7
The Tommyknockers  [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King
The Tommyknockers  [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King
The Tommyknockers  [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King
The Tommyknockers  [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King
The Tommyknockers  [slipcased hardcover] by Stephen King
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Brand: PS Publishing
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HORROR: Three novella-length standalone volumes housed in special illustrated slipcase, limited to 1000 copies.


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A NOVEL by Stephen King
FOREWORD Stephen King
INTRODUCTION  Angela Slatter
ISBN 978-1-786363-07-7

  • ​​​three individual volumes housed in an illustrated slipcase, a la the PS treatment of ‘SALEM’S LOT;
  • a specially commissioned Introduction from Angela Slatter, winner of the World Fantasy Award, British Fantasy Award, and five Aurealis Awards, as well as being a finalist for the Norma K. Hemming Award;
  • heavy artistic involvement from British Fantasy Award-winning artist Daniele Serra with three wraparound colour covers; a colour slipcase housing the three volumes that make up the novel; six double-page endpapers; and thirty black and white interior pieces, ten per volume;
  • strictly limited to one thousand numbered copies signed by the artist and the introducer.
  • Book 1 - The Ship in the Earth [221 pages]
  • Book 2 – Tales of Haven [295 pages]
  • Book 3 – The Tommyknockers [233 pages]


Late last night and the night before,
    Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers,
     knocking at my door.
I want to go out, don't know if I can,
    'cause I'm so afraid
    of the Tommyknocker man.

It begins with nothing more frightening than a nursery rhyme; yet in Stephen King's hands it becomes an unforgettable parable of dread, a threat from an unimaginable darkness that drags the practical inhabitants of a New England village into a hell worse than their own most horrible nightmares . . . and yours.

It begins with a writer named Roberta Anderson, looking for firewood in the forest that stretches behind her house. Bobbi stumbles over three inches of metal, which unusually heavy spring runoff has left sticking out of the soil. A logger's beer can, she thinks at first, but "the metal was as solid as mother-rock."

It begins with Bobbi's discovery of the ship in the earth, a ship buried for millions of years, but still vibrating faintly, still humming with some sort of life . . .faint . . . weak . . . but still better left alone.

Bobbi then begins to dig--tentatively at first, then compulsively--and is joined by her old friend (and onetime lover) Jim Gardener. Aided by a weirdly advanced technology, their excavation proceeds apace. And as they uncover more and more of an artifact both familiar and so unbelievable it is almost beyond comprehension, the inhabitants of Haven start to change.

There is the new hot-water heater in Bobbi's basement--a hot-water heater that apparently runs on flashlight batteries. The vengeful housewife who learns of her husband's affair . . . from a picture of Jesus on top of her TV, a picture that begins to talk. Not to mention the ten-year-old magician who makes his little brother disappear . . . for real.

The townspeople of Haven are "becoming"--being welded into one organic, homicidal, and fearsomely brilliant entity in fatal thrall to the Tommyknockers.

In this riveting, nightmarish story, Stephen King has given us his tautest, most terrifying novel to date. And the next time someone raps at your door, you may want to keep the chain on. It just might be the Tommyknocker Man.

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Patrick White
- Isle of Wight
5 Stars

Late last night...

I have never ordered any limited editions from anyone before but knowing that The Tommyknockers was coming out i thought I would at least get that one, as it's one of my favourite King novels.

All I can say is WOW!! The three volume slip cased edition that arrived at my door far exceeded my expectations. Three beautifully bound and illustrated volumes telling the tale of the ship in the woods. The copy sits proudly on my shelf next to my UK 1st HBK copy and is a thing of beauty. I only wish I could see the internal illustrations in the stunning colour that the book jackets and slip case are, but I know that would put the price up prohibitively.

Thanks PS Publishing... you've got a new customer... Now preordered Revival, Dead Zone, The Stand!!

(P.S How about Christine, Misery, Duma Key, 11/22/63...I'll stop now :-))