The Complete Rynosseros Vol 1 [trade paperback] by Terry Dowling

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A COLLECTION by Terry Dowling
COVER ART Nick Stathopoulos

Trade Paperback — ISBN 978-1-786365-68-7  [£14.99]

A Thousand and One Nights of Tomorrow

It’s no surprise that The Adventures of Tom Rynosseros has been called “The best and most ambitious Australian science fiction series ever written, and one of the best, ever, period” or that Locus magazine in the US saw it as placing its author “among the masters of the field.”
Only seven Nationals have won Hero Colours and fine sandships from the rival tribes that rule Australia a thousand years from now. We join the Blue Captain, Tom Tyson, and his crew aboard the magnificent kite-drawn charvolant Rynosseros as he strives to discover his true identity in a world of strange and dangerous desert states, orbiting battle stations, mind war and the most bizarre terraforming and genetic experiments imaginable. We travel with Tom to the islands of the Inland Sea, to the great fighting ground of the Air, to deserted carnivals, haunted artists’ colonies, fire-chess contests and the abandoned arcologies of the interior, all while searching for clues to the meaning of the three signs he carries with him from his time in the Madhouse.
For that is the great mystery here, and Tom’s search to discover who he is, and why he has come to be in this place at this time is one of the most memorable journeys in modern fantastic fiction.

The exciting first volume of The Complete Rynosseros brings us the first two collections in the momentous saga, Rynosseros and Blue Tyson, together with the unforgettable novella “The Library” and the never before collected “Marmordesse,” presented in the intended reading order for the very first time.
  • Rynosseros
  • Introduction by Peter McNamara
  •  Colouring the Captains
  • The Only Bird in Her Name
  • The Robot Is Running Away from the Trees
  • What We Did to the Tyger
  • Spinners
  • So Much for the Burning Queen
  • Mirage Diver
  • Time of the Star
  • Marmordesse
  • Blue Tyson
  • Introduction by Jack Vance
  • Breaking Through to the Heroes
  • Going to the Angels
  • Vanities
  • A Dragon Between His Fingers
  • Djinn of Anjoulis
  • A Song to Keep Them Dancing
  • Stoneman
  • Privateers’ Moon
  • Dreaming the Knife
  • Totem
  • The Library
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