The Best of Ian McDonald [hardcover] by Ian McDonald

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SCIENCE FICTION Collection - Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover. A JHC with chapbook of additional stories, signed by Ian McDonald and housed in an illustrated slipcaseis also available.


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A COLLECTION by Ian McDonald
CATEGORY  Science Fiction


Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-848638-90-7 [£25]

Jacketed Hardcover with chapbook of additional stories, signed by Ian McDonald and housed in an illustrated slipcase  — ISBN 978-1-848638-91-4 [£50] [SOLD OUT]


Ian McDonald, the author of such landmark novels as Desolation Road, Chaga, River of Gods, and The Dervish House, has long been regarded as one of Britain’s finest SF writers. Just like those full-length works, his shorter fiction has commanded much admiration, and now, in this massive retrospective volume, the best McDonald tales are assembled in glittering array.

Represented here are all the phases of McDonald’s career: the poetic early retro-visions that in the late Eighties signalled the arrival of a marvellously fluent new stylistic voice; the virtuoso Nineties riffs on themes such as the Irish Troubles, nanotechnology, alternate history, and alien sexuality; the bold post-millennial ventures into the futuristic politics of Third World countries such as Kenya, India, and Brazil, as well as far afield to alien solar systems; and recent, dazzlingly conceived variations on the Arab Spring, the nature of superheroes, and Mars as pulp SF writers once fondly imagined it to be. The treasures are abundant, each presented in McDonald’s addictive, immersive prose—language at once elegantly timeless and edgily contemporary.

Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh (1988)
King of Morning, Queen of Day (1988)
Rainmaker Cometh (1989)
Toward Kilimanjaro (1990)
Winning (1990)
Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1991)
Some Strange Desire (1993)
Blue Motel (1994)
The Time Garden: A Faery Story (1995)
After Kerry (1997)
Tendeleo’s Story (2000)
The Djinn’s Wife (2006)
Verthandi’s Ring (2007)
The Tear (2008)
(A ghost Samba) (2008)
Tonight We Fly (2010)
Digging (2011)
A Smart Well-Mannered Uprising of the Dead (2011)
A Little School (2009)
The Revolution Will Not Be Refrigerated (2013)
The Queen of the Night’s Aria (2013)
Story Notes

The additional book in the slipcased set is called FLOATING DOGS and it contains the stories:

Floating Dogs( 1991)
The Best and the Rest of James Joyce(1992)
Fat Tuesday(1992)
Recording Angel(1996)
The Days of Solomon Gursky(1998)
Story Notes

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