The Babylonian Trilogy [eBook] By Sebastien Doubinsky

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The Babylonian Trilogy [eBook] By Sebastien Doubinsky
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A trilogy of loinked FANTASY novellas


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A TRILOGY OF NOVELLA by Sebastien Doubinsky
COVER ART Chris Roberts
INTRODUCTION Michael Moorcock

An ePub edition for Apple iPad, iMac/PC, Sony and other eBook readers 
A MOBI file for Amazon Kindle devices is also available.


What could a depressed soldier, a bloodthirsty journalist, a strange dog, a writer in the making, a depressive commissioner, a hitman, a stripper and a poet possibly have in common? Well, they all live in Babylon, a city where everything is possible, including the impossible.The Babylonian Trilogy is a novel divided in three loosely related parts, each dealing with a particular aspect of the bizarre metropolis.
In The Birth of Television according to Buddha, a collection of characters try to make some sense of their lives through the cacophony of a seemingly endless war in a far away place, crazed-fueled medias prepared to do anything for a good audience rating and a patchwork of cryptic messages told by a mysterious narrator...
Commissioner Georg Ratner is the main character of Yellow Bull, a twisted crime fiction hommage in which a modern Jack the Ripper tries to bloodily gain his way to fame, The only problem is that Georg Ratner has other more important things on his mind than to catch him.Finally, three characters criss-cross each other in The Gardens of Babylon, trying to find their way out of the suffocating concrete labyrinth. Which they finally do, but not the way they expected to...
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