The Astonished Eye [eBook] by Tracy Knight

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The Astonished Eye [eBook] by Tracy Knight
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A NOVEL of Science Fiction / Horrror


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A NOVEL by Tracy Knight
INTRODUCTION Philip José Farmer

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When a UFO crash-lands in Elderton, Illinois, which reporter should the infamous tabloid newspaper The Astonished Eye send to cover the event? Why, Ben Savitch, of course! After all, Ben was born in this backwater town and that might just give him the edge when it comes to finding out the truth. And he might finally realise a shot-glass of fame and meaning in his otherwise lacklustre career.

But the mystery of the stranded extraterrestrial pales in comparison to the powerful yet fragile magic that already exists in Elderton: Almo Parrish can infallibly predict the moment when the first leaf of autumn will fall each year, and believes that he is the last surviving Munchkin; Chandler Quinn can build or repair anything (including otherworldly machines); little Vida Proust lumbers around town because the gentle inhabitants of Elderton are far too polite to tell her the truth of her existence (or lack thereof); and poor Frank Shepard is a flickering wraith of a man, a reanimated superhero who has forgotten how to fly.

As Savitch pursues his story, his homecoming coincides with unthinkable events that not only threaten the town’s tranquility, but also alter each intersecting life and transform the very fabric of reality itself.

The Astonished Eye was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Horror Guild.

Praise for The Astonished Eye:
“I’m an old and weary book reader, but Tracy Knight’s The Astonished Eye is a gripping page-turner . . . always inventive and twisting and turning in unexpected but logical directions. . .  a deep pleasure.”
—Philip José Farmer
“This is a story about homecoming and belonging, with the fittingly quiet appeal of magic realism. . .Knight maintains a literary quality comparable to the nostalgic rediscoveries of childhood wonder in Ray Bradbury’s early work.”
—Tony Lee, Starburst Magazine
“Mishaps, misunderstandings, deceptions, grand gestures gone wrong: interlopers and townsfolk interact with fondly evoked lunatic earnestness, but always with the subtext of salvation sought and ultimately found. A gracefully serious comedy, The Astonished Eye: an instauration of paradise, a well of daft redemption.”
—Nick Gevers, Locus
“It’s an uncanny blend of mystery, science fiction, fantasy and horror. There are strong elements of Bradbury, Carroll, and King in Tracy Knight’s writing but his voice is definitely his own. The novel demonstrates both the author’s fantastical imagination and his ability to write a delightful and moving narrative.”
—Andy Fairclough, Horror World

“Quirky, at times almost contemplative in its simple yet pregnant observations of the commonplace, The Astonished Eye is a metaphoric glimpse at hope found within the ordinary, renewal discovered in the nondescript pageantry of our daily lives, a recognition of ourselves and our brief existence as but an allegory to a leaf that falls from a tree on any autumn day, beauty unremarked but should we choose to notice. . . Told with both humor and an always engaged humanity, some time has passed since I last read a novel with so much thought and ability condensed into a single slim and conceptually compressed novel.”
—William Thompson, SF Site
“It’s a simple, straightforward tale, precisely told, with strong characters and an atmosphere so tangible you can smell apple pies cooling on the windowsills. Charming and well written, unapologetically upbeat, The Astonished Eye worked the same magic on me as Elderton did on Ben Savitch, lifting my spirits in a moment of despair. I suspect it might do the same for you.”
—Hank Wagner, Hellnotes
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