The Aiice Encounter [eBook] by John Gribbin

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The Aiice Encounter [eBook] by John Gribbin
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A NOVEL by John Gribbin
CATEGORY Science Fiction
COVER ART Stephen Leary

ePub edition for Apple iPad, iMac/PC, Sony and other eBook readers.
A MOBI edition is also available for Amazon Kindle devices 

There is about 10 times more dark matter (DM, also known here as Alice matter) than bright stuff in our Galaxy. The DM is spread out in a roughly uniform sphere (a spherical distribution of Alice stars), with our flattened disk Galaxy embedded in it. The Alice matter, is a kind of mirror image shadow stu?; the term looking glass matter has been used by some scientists. Alice matter can be turned into ordinary matter (and vice versa) by sending it through a loop of Alice string, a naturally occurring cosmic phenomenon. Aliens in the DM world, more advanced than we are, have discovered the trace of 10 per cent normal matter in their universe, and have come to investigate it. Our disk is a perturbation that they are puzzled about.

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