Telemass Coda [hardcover] by Eric Brown

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SCIENCE FICTION Novella - Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover.


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A NOVELLA by Eric Brown
CATEGORY  Science Fiction
COVER ART Tomsilav Tikulin


Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-786364-22-7 [£9.99] [OUT OF PRINT]


Telemass Coda is the moving epilogue to the successful Telemass series

  • Sacrifice on Spica III
  • Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV
  • Reunion on Alpha Reticuli II
  • Exalted on Bellatrix I
When Matt Hendrick’s wife Mercury is lost while taking a Telemass trip from Mars to Earth, existing in a state neither dead nor alive—but in an ‘indeterminate state’—he finds himself in an indeterminate state himself, torn between grief and hope. Hendrick had planned to take Mercury and his daughter Samantha on a trip to distant stars, retracing the journey he had made years earlier while attempting to rescue Samantha . . .

In a bid to distract Hendrick, Samantha persuades him to make the journey anyway, and they embark on a fateful recapitulation of the original voyage. But unbeknownst to Hendrick, Samantha has an agenda of her own—which just might bring about Mercury's salvation.
Telemass Coda is the moving finale to the Telemass Quartet.
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