Octoberland [eBook] by Thana Niveau

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Octoberland [eBook] by Thana Niveau
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A collection of HORROR & DARK FICTION


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A COLLECTION by Thana Niveau
CATEGORY Horror / Dark Fiction
INTRODUCTION Alison Littlewood

ePub edition for Apple iPad, iMac/PC, Sony and other eBook readers
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Thana Niveau's stories feature people on the edge - the edge of death, the edge of sanity, the edge of reality. In this diverse collection, two sisters leave a trail of bodies behind them as they go on the run, desperate to outrun the dark secrets of their past. A film fan is haunted by the actress whose brutal horror films he can't stop watching. A child hears a ghostly voice through the radio reciting only numbers. And a young woman revisits the place she and her brother loved above all else—Octoberland—the strange amusement park that tore their world apart. Horror wears many faces here, from creeping dread to apocalyptic devastation, and no one escapes its dark touch.

Between summer and winter, between night and day, between good and evil, lies Octoberland.

Where the old Gods go to die
I got the feeling that the figures in the carvings weren’t wearing masks, that the ugly, snarling expressions were meant to be actual faces.

Where modern evils lurk ...
The subtitles only translated the spoken dialogue, so Alex had no idea what the words carved into her flesh meant.

Where the world rebels against us ...
The snow swirled like ocean currents, like the avalanche in her dream that had drowned the world.

Where both land ...
The labyrinth is sevenfold, each turn leading deeper inside, winding towards the raised centre.
... and sea ...
They found him lying in the surf, ranting about a black abyss the dolphins had shown him.
...are mysteries we may be better off never understanding.

Thana Niveau invites you to tour Octoberland, a place where hidden horrors lurk, love can be found in the most unusual places, and nothing is ever as it seems.

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