Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke

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Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
Kon -Tiki Quartet [4 hardcovers] by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
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4 SCIENCE FICTION Novellas –Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover. A signed and numbered set is also available.
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A SET OF ALL FOUR KON-TIKI NOVELLAS  by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke
CATEGORY Science Fiction
COVER ART  Ben Baldwin

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover Set  [£65]
Signed Jacket Hardcover Set by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke  [£89]

Project Kon-tiki, the world’s first extra-solar colony expedition, is just weeks away from departure, and tension is mounting at Lakenheath Base. Psychologist Kat Manning is one of the eighteen specialist whose clone will be sent to the stars, and her job is to work with the original specialists, the ‘left behind’, to monitor and support them through their dislocation . . . But when Kat is kidnapped by the Allianz, a faction opposed to the colonisation program, more than just her safety is at stake. The entire mission is in jeopardy. In Dislocations, the first volume of the Kon-tiki Quartet, Brown and Brooke tell the story of humankind’s last-gasp efforts to reach the stars, set against the backdrop of an Earth torn apart by looming environmental disaster.

Humankind has at last sent a ship to the stars, leaving an Earth ravaged by environmental disaster and torn apart by competing sectarian interests.
Kat Manning is one of eighteen specialists aboard the starship Kon-Tiki, clones whose various areas of expertise will be crucial in the months and years ahead as they forge a new life on a strange alien world. But what Kat finds on Newhaven is nothing she could have planned for, and every bit as surprising and challenging as the issues she left behind on Earth: mysterious aliens, political in-fighting, and someone willing to go to any lengths to keep a deadly secret. In Parasites, the second volume of the Kon-Tiki Quartet, Brown and Brooke tell the story of humankind’s taming of an alien world – and of confrontation with the demons that lurk within the very psyche of humanity itself.

On the colony world of Newhaven, biologist Travis Denholme has refined the drug by which the planet's alien species achieve telepathic contact. He has the means of bringing telepathy to the human race, and faces the dilemma of whether to make his discovery public knowledge—and risk changing everything. But before he and psychiatrist Kat Manning can decide on a way forward, an assassin attempts to kill them. As they flee for their lives, they must find out not only why they are being targeted by a ruthless killer, but why someone is trying to eradicate the planet's largest lifeform, the geosaurs.
The third novella in the Kon-Tiki Quartet is a thrilling action-adventure featuring aliens, telepathy, identity downloads—and a ruthless faction determined to eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

In the concluding novella of the Kon-Tiki Quartet the action moves from the colony world of Newhaven back to Earth. Two hundred and fifty years have passed since Kon-Tiki I set off for the stars, and Earth is a very different place. The ravages of climate change have taken their toll, and humankind's depleted population struggles to survive at primitive, subsistence levels, with the majority ruled over by a desperate elite who cling to power by utilising old and failing technology.But all this is about to change when returnees bring with them the means of restoring equality to the human race—though there are some who will stop at nothing, including murder, to maintain the status quo.

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