I Remember Pallahaxi [eBook] by Michael Coney

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I Remember Pallahaxi [eBook] by Michael Coney
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A Science Fiction NOVEL


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A NOVEL by Michael Coney

CATEGORY Science Fiction



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I Remember Pallahaxi is the sequel to Michael Coney's classic Hello Summer, Goodbye.

Set hundreds of years after the events recounted in Hello, I Remember Pallahaxi is a mystery story: a murder mystery on one level, and on another level a mystery about the origins of the native aliens. It's also a critique of colonialism... for the human race has arrived on the alien homeworld, with fatal consequences. As lyrical and lovingly envisioned as Hello Summer, Goodbye, I Remember Pallhaxi not only continues but expands the story of life on a far-flung world where many things are familiar, but others are totally bizarre...

Michael Coney established himself in the mid-1970s as one of the leading British science-fiction writers of his day, with a string of novels distinctive for their combination of light readability on the surface and much darker inner depths. Hello Summer, Goodbye first appeared in 1975 while Mike was managing an Antiguan hotel called the Jabberwock, a beachfront nightclub with a few guest rooms. He had left Britain in 1969, after the sort of disengaged career attempts that characterised the early years of so many writers. But Britain was never far from Mike's work and the atmosphere of the west country provided a strong flavour in his novels and stories. It was particularly noticeable in Hello Summer, Goodbye.

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