Harvey Horrors Collected Works - Black Cat Mystery (Vol 1) (Signed Slipcased Edition)

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TITLE: Harvey Horrors Collected Works: Black Cat Mystery [Vol 1]
(August 1951 - May 1952 Issues 30 - 35)

EDITION: Slipcased Hardcover
PAGES: 288
ILLUSTRATION: Graham Humphreys
PRINT RUN: 300 with signed limited print of Christopher Fowler signed by Graham Humphreys
INTRODUCTION: Christopher Fowler
ISBN: 978-1-848632-88-2


Launched in the 1950’s we’ve collected together the Black Cat Mystery titles here for the first time in their entirety in this unique exclusive 4 volume collection.

Special introduction from Christopher Fowler and illustration by Graham Humphreys, each volume will also feature profiles of the artists who worked on the title, greats such as Howard Nostrand, Rudy Palais, Joe Certa and Manny Stallman with some classic examples of their original black and white artwork.

Exclusively for your collection...300 limited edition slipcased copies.

The eyes have it? Not arf! But it's too late for eyedrops as far as this guy's concerned! What he needs is a full run of BLACK CAT MYSTERY slipcased editions to restore life to those damaged peepers. Same goes for you, too! Then, when all the books are stacked alongside each other,you’ll get this additional neato big big big illustration showing exactly what happens when you fail to floss those gnashers three times every day—I mean . . . imagine what that guy's breath smells like! It just goes to show how unfairly maligned these comics were—heck, they were performing a social service! Impress your folks, amaze your friends, astound your analyst and astonish the other guys on the cellblock. Hey, it's only money, right?

BLACK CAT MYSTERY slipcased and signed edition available from your favorite comicbooks emporium (so go tell ‘em, already, ya dope!)

But remember, the slipcased signed edition is limited to just 300 copies.

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