By the Light of My Skull [hardcover] by Ramsey Campbell

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A hardcover horror COLLECTION. A slipcased edition, signed and numbered, and limited to 100 copies is also available.


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A COLLECTION by Ramsey Campbell

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover — ISBN  978-1-786363-30-5  [£20]
100 Slipcased JHC signed by the contributors — ISBN 978-1-786363-31-2  [£40]


Before I could prevent myself I jerked up the flashlight beam. What did I see? Not much for long, but far too much. The hands belonged to a shape that occupied all the space on a solitary dilapidated chair. Like the hands, the shape appeared to owe its substance to the grime that was everywhere in the dark. Perhaps the soft insidious sound I heard was demonstrating how restless that substance was, but I had the awful idea that it could be an attempt to breathe. I just had time to glimpse a face―eyes as black and unstable as the rest of the lopsided bulk, nostrils desperately dilating, lips that sagged into a helpless grimace and then struggled to produce another expression if not to speak―before the figure collapsed…

By the Light of My Skull collects many of Ramsey Campbell’s recent tales of supernatural horror and psychological disintegration, and finds disquiet in the most familiar places. A game of Bingo and its calls conceal a dark secret, and the number-plates of cars convey a monstrous message. A headphone commentary guides a visitor to a stately home deep into terror, and the remains of a funfair are unearthed, awakening much worse. A fairy tale is retold for our time – both grim and Grimm – and a page from a book turns into a tribute to one of the greatest creators of fantasy. A search on a beach brings an uncannily unwelcome helper, and a return to a childhood memory rouses a nightmare. The power of the first great horror film refuses to stay on the screen, and even a Beatles tour contains the seeds of madness. The classically spectral is roused by brass rubbing, and Halloween is celebrated by an apparition. A bird hide conceals an increasingly sinister watcher, and a communication from the dead letter office leads to the restless dead. The passwords we all need these days may work on our nerves, but here they’re the source of worse than panic.

The book is illustrated by the award-winning artist J. K. Potter, whose surreal images perfectly complement the nightmares in the prose.


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Sofie Lewis
- Manchester
5 Stars

So I began reading this thinking it was part three of the Daoloth trilogy. I was wrong, completely my fault. I really enjoyed reading. In fact this book has given me my reading mojo back. Started to read one a day, and upped it to three a day. These short stories are well worth reading. I dont usually get scared, I guess that comes with time spent as a horror fan, but some of these gave me goosebumps.

You can be scared in different ways and Ramsey Campbell shows it, some of the stories focus around memory loss and old age.

Loved this collection.

P.S. Reading the back you will find some of these stories were inspired by the greats such as Ray Bradbury, M. R. James and Jeremy Kyle.