Ramsey Campbell’s forthcoming title – THE SEARCHING DEAD

Ramsey Campbell

For some years, I pestered my good friend (and PS Publishing mainstay) Ramsey Campbell to write a novella, knowing that it would be at least the equal of NEEDING GHOSTS, which he wrote a quarter century ago for Legend. The result (THE LAST REVELATION OF GLA’AKI) was even more wonderful than I had dared hope for. So I persuaded him to try his hand at a trilogy.

The manuscript hit my inbox just a year ago and we’ll be launching the finished book (along with other remarkable volumes) at the British Fantasy Convention next month in Scarborough. Here’s a sample:

“We were well used to digging up the countryside as soon as we stopped anywhere, and to start with that place looked like more of the same, just a field in the middle of nowhere much. There were a few bits of a big old building of some kind or other, but you could hardly tell which bits had been part of it and which were just lumps of rock. One of us thought it might have been a church, because he dug up something he said was a gargoyle, only it was a lot uglier than any gargoyle I’ve ever seen on any church. It didn’t have hands or a face, just a lot of stuff like grubs where they ought to have been. The lad who found it chucked it in the middle of the field and said he wished he could have buried it. And I’ll tell you now, I wished I’d dug somewhere else than I did. Because when I stuck my spade in I felt I’d woken something up. Something that wanted us dead, that was waiting for someone like us… Like the gargoyle, only bigger. Bigger than a man as well, but I somehow knew it used to be one. And I was right, it was coming to the surface underneath me, seeping up like the water in the trenches could under your feet. It got hold of my hands, and it felt like meat somebody had tried to keep cold but it had gone off, too soft is what I’m saying…”

There are some things in life that are simply too good to miss. This is one of them—THE SEARCHING DEAD, Volume 1 of THE THREE BIRTHS OF DAOLOTH. I envy you for the journey you are about to take. Kind of!

Coming (crawling?) soon from PS.

Pete Crowther

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