Andrew Wilmingot's Paradise Rex, Press Inc. [Hardcover] by Liam Sharp

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Andrew Wilmingot’s cult 1963 novella is a post-modern tour de force. Terrifying, heart-breaking and honest. Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover. A signed and numbered editon limited to 100 copies is also available.


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A NOVELLA  by Liam Sharp
COVER ART Liam Sharp


Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-848638-47-1 [£15]
Signed Jacketed Hardcover limited to 100 copies - ISBN 978-1-848638-48-8 [£25]


Parliament Jones backed up against the sink, away from the spinning terrible tortured terrifying Oman that spat its firey dust and span towards him, span and span, and he pissed himself and cried and ran, and then puked at the end of Darwin Alley when he knew it wasn't following him any longer . . .

Andrew Wilmingot’s cult 1963 novella is a post-modern tour de force. Terrifying, heart-breaking and honest, it charts the fortunes of Wilmingot’s alter-ego, Parliament Jones, as he faces his own sense of failure, attempts to understand his place in the Universe, and flees the ‘ab-life’ horror called the Oman, that may or may not be a manifestation of his failing sanity.

“Andrew Wilmingot’s PARADISE REX PRESS, INC. is the best bloody book about the Midlands mentality—born fully formed during the death-rattle of the industrial revolution, while we were still figuring out that art is for all of us Wilmingot shed his cap-doffing regional humility and kicked us where it hurt.”
—Gerard Pointon
Liam Sharp is an author and artist from Derby. He has worked in films, graphic novels, and as a pioneer of digital storytelling with his company Madefire. Andrew Wilmingot’s Paradise Rex Press, Inc. is his most personal work to date.

Liam lives in California with his wife and three children.
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- Bremen, Germany
5 Stars

For a little over 15 years now I have trusted Peter Crowther, through his PS imprint, to guide my reading. In many cases I have bought books for no other reason than he published them. In that time he has introduced me to a number of great books and some very talented authors. Occasionally though, he publishes something that I find extraordinary.

Liam Sharp's Paradise Rex is one such occasion. I grew up in the 80’s in the lake district, although I did study for my A-levels in Derbyshire and the book echoes some of my distant memories. The texture provided by the many different ways in which the story is told, the collage of writing, poetry and script is astonishing. It would be very easy to get it wrong, but here it is executed just brilliantly and to beautiful effect.

I took the book along with me on a train ride to Hamburg, a journey of a little over an hour, with the intention of maybe getting halfway through and then reading the rest on the return journey. But arriving in Hamburg I walked up the stairs from the platform straight into the nearest cafe, ordered a coffee and sat and read until I had finished.

I have a feeling that this is a book whose depth will reward subsequent readings and i think it is one to which I will return frequently.

I look forward to seeing what Liam Sharp does next. Even if it is only half as good as Paradise Rex then it will still be a fine book.