ACG Collected Works - Skeleton Hand (Vol 1)

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TITLE: American Comics Group Collected Works: Skeleton Hand [Vol 1]
A full colour collection of September 1952 to July/Augist 1953 issues 1-6
EDITION: Hardcover
PAGES: 288

PRINT RUN: 1700 Unsigned

FOREWORD: by Roy Thomas

Ah, those were the days, when America’s comicbook racks and spinners were full to bursting with a wealth of gaudily coloured classics boasting vampires, cannibalistic aliens and bloated corpses.

Here, from the heyday of the American Comics Group (ACG) comes Skeleton Hand . . . PS Artbook’s latest entry in its ambitious programme.

Get the door locked and leave the lights on.
That sound akin to the wind in the grate could be something else . . . something entirely different.

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