A Wizard's Henchman [hardcover] by Matthew Hughes

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FANTASY - Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover NOVEL. A signed numbered edition limited to 100 copies is also available.


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A NOVEL by Matthew Hughes
Ben Baldwin

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover — ISBN  978-1-786360-18-2
100 Signed Jacketed Hardcovers signed by Matthew Hughes — ISBN 978-1-786360-19-9 [SOLD OUT]


Erm Kaslo is at the top of his game: a hardboiled confidential operative in the ultra-high-tech civilization of The Ten Thousand Worlds that spans the entire galactic arm known as The Spray. But the universe is about to arbitrarily change its fundamental operating premise from science to magic. Technology will cease to function and all of Kaslo’s hard-won skills and abilities will be useless.

As the change nears, a handful of would-be wizards are jockeying for position in the coming race for supremacy, squabbling over the few ancient books and paraphernalia that survive from the long-forgotten age when magic last ruled the cosmos.  Kaslo goes to work for Diomedo Obron, a wealthy dilettante with more money than common sense who hopes to emerge as a powerful thaumaturge.

But there’s worse to come: an ancient evil has been biding its time for millennia, waiting for the age of science to end. Now, its moment finally arrived, it reaches out from another plane to strike with deadly force. And only Kaslo can stop it—if he can live long enough.
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