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Lavie Tidhar

Born on a kibbutz in Israel, Lavie Tidhar’s unusual childhood has inspired a life devoted in equal parts to books and to travelling. “I was afraid I’d end up one of those people with an inherently boring life,” he said, “so I set out to make it more interesting.”

Lavie has lived and travelled in Southern Africa for years and is a keen player of the ancient game of Bao. He’s since spent nearly a decade living in London before setting off again. He spent a year living in a bamboo shack on a remote island in the South Pacific – “I still miss the volcanoes, sometimes,” he said – and two years in South East Asia, followed by a couple of years back in Israel. He is now back living in London, a city he finds endlessly captivating.

Lavie is a prolific writer, keeping up a steady stream of highly-regarded novels, novellas and short stories. He has been described as an “emerging master” by Locus Magazine, with his work compared to the late, great Philip K. Dick’s in both the Guardian and the Financial Times. His novels include the Bookman Histories trilogy of steampunk novels – comprising The Bookman (2010), Camera Obscura (2011), and The Great Game (2012) – which borrow equally from mythology, classic literature, pulp fiction and noir and kung-fu cinema – and the ground-breaking alternative history novel Osama (2011), shortlisted for the BSFA Award.

Other works include linked-stories collection HebrewPunk (2005), short novel The Tel Aviv Dossier (2009, with Nir Yaniv) and novellas An Occupation of Angels (2006), Cloud Permutations (2010), Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God (2011), and Jesus & The Eightfold Path (2011). He also edited the influential anthology The Apex Book of World SF (2009) and maintains the World SF Blog, for which he was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2010.

Lavie has also worked on graphic projects, including 2012’s Going To The Moon, a picture book about a boy with Tourette’s, with artist Paul McCaffrey, and forthcoming graphic novella Adolf Hitler’s “I Dream of Ants” with artist Neil Struthers.

Forthcoming is a new novel, Martian Sands, a guns & sorcery collection, Black Gods Kiss, and anthology, The Apex Book of World SF 2.

“Bears comparison with the best of Philip K Dick’s paranoid, alternate-history fantasies. It’s beautifully written and undeniably powerful.” – The Financial Times on Osama.