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Angel And You Dogs [hardcover] by Kathleen Ann Goonan [OUT OF PRINT]

SCIENCE FICTION Collection - Unsigned Hardcover. A signed JHC edition limited to 100 copies is also available.
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A COLLECTION by Kathleen Ann Goonan
CATEGORY Science Fiction
EDITION Hardcover
COVER ART Kathleen Ann Goonan

Unsigned Hardcover — 978-1-848633-31-5 (£20)  [OUT OF PRINT]
Signed Jacketed Hardcover signed by Kathleen Ann Goonan — ISBN 978-1-848-633-32-2 (£40)
Short stories are a process of keeping juggled balls—or perhaps, fiery torches—aloft. They must, like any juggled object, remain constantly in play; one cannot falter when executing a work of short fiction. Timing—the adept catch and pass of word, image, nuance is everything; without perfect cadence, the writer’s efforts drop out of the sky.
Constant motion is imperative, although it can be as subtle as a second’s silvery bow of a grassy meadow beneath a whisper of wind. No matter how quiet-seeming the tale, good stories embody concentrated, incandescent energy that may be hidden until the last word reveals the meaning of the just-read work, igniting a fire in the mind, compelling the reader to retrace the points in the story that are now luminescent, infused with allusion that was always there, but not yet discerned—just like much of life. Short stories are effervescent, for their life is hardly less fleeting than a round of juggling, gone in a month, flashing in and out of existence with the speed of a subatomic particle.
A short story is a remarkable thing indeed.

Stories included in this collection:
  • Angels and You Dogs
  • Solitaire
  • Sunflowers
  • The Bride of Elvis
  • Susannah's Snowbears
  • Klein Time
  • Dinosaur Songs
  • Wanting to Talk to You
  • The String
  • The Day the Dam Broke
  • Sundiver Day
  • Memory Dog
  • Electric Rains
  • The Bridge
Kathleen Ann Goonan has been at the vanguard of literary science fiction since the publication of her first novel, New York Times Notable Book Queen City Jazz and a BSFA Award finalist. The Bones of Time, her second novel, was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and Crescent City Rhapsody and Light Music, part of her Nanotech Quartet, were Nebula Award finalists.  A literary stylist, she melds cutting-edge science with strong characterization, history, jazz, and what Publisher’s Weekly described as “The work of a powerful imagination with a superior command of language.”  In War Times, her sixth novel, won the John W. Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2007; it was also honored as the American Library Association's Best SF Novel of the Year. In Asimov's, Paul Di Filippo said of This Shared Dream, her seventh novel:  “Her sly depiction of warping realities is worthy of Philip K. Dick. In short, this novel reads like Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, seeded with Christopher Priest’s The Separation and watered with some of Michael Moorcock’s multiversal inventions. It should really be on every fan’s shortlist of best books of the past decade.” (
A professor of creative writing and literature at Georgia Institute of Technology, she divides her time between Tennessee, Florida, and Atlanta. She is completing a short story for MIT's Technology Review and a historical novel set in the Florida Keys.  

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